Being of Service in H & I Members of Alcoholics Anonymous are invited to attend an Orientation Meeting (7:00 PM) prior to the regular monthly Business Meeting (8:00 PM) if they would like to learn more about how we carry the message of A.A.

Members are asked to share on panels in a general way, what they used to be like, what happened, and what they are like today.

When we carry the A.A. message to those in hospitals and institutions, we are not just one drunk talking with another. While no one person speaks for Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole, how we look and talk may be the only example of Alcoholics Anonymous that these people see.

Panel Responsibility: As a speaker on this panel, you are a representative of AA, of SFV H & I, and a guest of the facility you are visiting. As such, you must abide by the following rules:

  • No prolonged drunk-a logs. Be sure to talk about recovery, hope & the joys of sober living with the AA program.
  • No derogatory remarks about the facility, rules, or officials.
  • Do not talk down to the group; no profanity or vulgarity.
  • Do not take anything in or bring anything out with you.
  • Do Not exchange phone numbers or addresses with people at the facility. Do not promise to write or meet after discharge.
  • Observe clothing codes as requested by the facility: No blue jeans, no short or slit skirts or low tops for women. No tight clothing.
  • Six (6) months sobriety is required for a hospital, and at least one (1) year is required to speak at a penal institution or psychiatric hospital, (lock down facility)
  • If you are invited to speak at a penal institution, make sure that you have clearance into the facility – Before you get there.
  • Do not go on a panel to any institution if you know, or is you correspond with anyone confined there.
  • Above all, if you make a commitment to speak on a panel or be a facility chairperson or panel leader, keep your commitment!!!
    H & I work is not just volunteering, its showing up, its being reliable and its the highest form of AA service.
  • And most importantly…Have Fun!!!